Does Money Make Us Greedy and Self-Inflating?

By | October 6, 2021

Does Money Make Us Greedy and Self-Inflating?

Money is the root of all evil. Money makes us greedy and selfish, and it also makes us care about nothing else. Yet money is neither of these things. It is the means to an end, and the end is obtaining money. Yet money is neither of these things, for money is neither greedy nor selfish.

money make us greedy and selfish
In fact money is the means to something good. The pursuit of money is the pursuit of happiness, freedom, peace and prosperity. Money itself can never be neither greedy nor selfish; it only serves as a motivator to people to strive harder. So long as humans have been around, money has always been the common factor that brings all people together. From this perspective it is quite clear how money can never be greedy or selfish.

Money is useful to us because it motivates us to work harder and farther, and sometimes these efforts pay off and bring us great success. However, if we take away the motivation to earn money and use it for our own selfish purposes, then money is nothing but evil. This is especially true when money is used for the wrong reasons. The acquisition of more material possessions will tend to make us greedy and selfish.

We have all heard stories about the millionaires who seem to get everything they desire, even when they are not really that rich. We have all seen the movies about the supermodels that seem to be able to get anything they want. Even the very richest persons in the world are not exempt from experiencing greed and selfishness. After all, these are the very individuals who talk incessantly about how money cannot be bought, and yet they still possess multiple mansions, expensive cars, and other such luxury items. How can this be? Is it not true that the individuals who proclaim themselves to be extremely greedy are actually very rich?

It is hard to believe that money can make us greedy and self-centered. Yet, greed is a universal human emotion and unfortunately it has managed to permeate not only the economic world but the emotional and spiritual one as well. Perhaps, it is because money motivates so many of us to act in a manner that is detrimental to the general welfare of humankind. The greed of a business magnifies the greed of an entrepreneur and magnifies his or her self-centered behavior in ways that are selfish and self-destructive.

What is true is that money can make us greedy and self-centered, but it does not have to. In fact, the opposite is true. You can be greedy and self-centered and be prosperous in your life. What you need to do is work on being grateful and appreciative of the opportunities that money brings you.

For example, instead of seeing money as your enemy, you need to embrace money as a friend and ally. If you are a business person, focus on the fact that money is your friend. Do your best to help those who are in need. If there are people who are poor who are in need of help, use your wealth to give them the money they need without thinking about greediness or selfishness.

If you are not a business person, focus on the fact that money is your friend. Don’t think about how much you will be able to splurge on something, but rather think about how you will be able to help others. When you act in a selfish or greedy manner, you create obstacles for yourself and for those around you. But when you are self-centered and greedy, you open the door to every possibility that brings opportunity to you and your family and friends. Use your money to help everyone around you succeed.

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